In short – we want you to copy it.  We’ve spent considerable resources developing a zero-footprint web client that supports every major web browser including Microsoft’s infamous Internet Explorer 6. But despite that investment we give our client away freely because we want you to copy it, rebrand it, extend it, and generally make it your own.

At heart, FolderGrid is an IaaS offering and we aim to encourage outside development of mobile apps, native clients, and system utilities that leverage the highly secured file server infrastructure FolderGrid delivers. Rebranding our web client as your own to deliver a white-label solution is not only permitted – we fully support it.

Additionally, every feature of our web client is implemented through calls to our open Application Programming Interface (API) and the client source code therefore serves as a valuable reference for developers seeking to write their own FolderGrid clients.  There’s no better reference documentation for a software developer than a working example. Developers! Developers! Developers!

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One Response to Why our zero footprint web client to our HIPAA compliant cloud file server is open-source

  1. I just want to add that another big issue that Covered Entities and Business Associates often ignore – or don’t place much emphasis on – is securing remote access for end-users who can access PHI. Specifically, healthcare providers should have a comprehensive checklist covering aspects, such as securing the computer that is being used, ensuring anti-virus and proper passwords on the system, not using your home computer (which could be infected with all types of malware), only connecting using a company approved laptop, etc. And of course, all remote access should be done over encrypted and secure transmissions (i.e., port 443), which goes without saying. Also, don’t forget the importance of having a well-documented remote access policy and procedure in place, along with a remote access request form.

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