FolderGrid WinMount Minor Update

Network DriveWe’re pleased to announce the release of a minor update to our FolderGrid WinMount interface. The new release includes:

  • Support for file locking. If a domain is configured to enable user-specific file locking, then WinMount will mark locked files as read-only. WinMount will also proactively lock files that have been locally modified.
  • Support for multiple mapped drives. Using the new command line option “-m [mutex name]” multiple instances of WinMount can be run simultaneously in support of multiple mapped drives from one or more domains.
  • Support for disabling the auto-update upon execution function. Using the new command line flag “skip-version-check”, WinMount can be instructed to skip the “on-load” latest version check and thereby avoid prompts for installation of any updates.
    This new minor release update is available now but will not be automatically distributed. Current WinMount users will need to uninstall and then re-install with the latest download to take advantage of the listed enhancements.