FolderGrid Updates

software-updateWe’re pleased to announce the release of several significant updates to our service:

  • Support for uploading entire folders from your desktop using Google’s Chrome browser. Chrome users can now drag and drop a folder from the desktop into the WebApp to upload all the content of that folder seamlessly in one step.
  • Improved support for recursively applying permissions. The WebApp will now present a progress bar as permissions are applied to deep folder structures.
  • Upload window performance enhancements for Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1
  • Improved support for Android devices. Downloads that require multiple requests to initiate are now supported. This improves support for Android devices in our WebApp.
  • Change to default date presentation in the WebApp. We now display the “Last Modified” date by default in the WebApp which is the last time the file content was modified - preferring that to the previous default which was the “Last Updated” indicating the last change to the file metadata.
  • The 15 minute user lockout due to failed sign in attempts can be overridden by any change to the user password. This can be initiated by the user through a password reset process or by a domain administrator via the “Edit Password” support in the WebApp’s user management window.
    We welcome your feedback on these updates and as always - thanks for using FolderGrid!