FolderGrid Service Sunset

Unfortunately, due to an inability to gain the traction necessary to adequately fund ongoing operations, we are winding down the FolderGrid service over the period ending on May 31st, 2016.

We suggest current customers take action now to migrate any data to an alternative service. At midnight Eastern on May 31, our service will stop fully and your account and data will no longer be available. At any time before that, you may cancel your subscription according to our standard terms as described here. If your account is still active at midnight Eastern on May 31, you will lose the ability to access it and therefore lose the ability to cancel your subscription. We will begin the process of canceling all remaining accounts and expect that process to take approximately several weeks. Since your data will be retained for that period we will continue to bill your account until we have fully canceled your account on your behalf and securely destroyed your data.

If you are interested in migrating to our FolderGrid Appliance and self-hosting the FolderGrid service either on Amazon AWS or by leveraging a Docker container we will support a migration of your content to that appliance. Please contact us for details.