File Transfer Disruptions

At 6:18pm Eastern on February 22nd, the ability of our service to conduct file transfers (both uploads and downloads) was disrupted by maintenance at the data center hosting our Encryption Grid. Specifically, the domain name service (DNS) servers utilized by our service at went offline blocking our attempts to communicate with our Storage Grid running on Amazon AWS. It took almost three hours to diagnose & resolve this issue. We were able to reroute to DNS servers hosted by Google and fully restore service at 8:52pm Eastern.

We have taken the following measures to ensure we don’t suffer another core service disruption affecting file transfers:

  • We’ve permanently adopted Google’s public DNS as our domain name service provider for our Encryption Grid
  • We’ve implemented full round-trip file transfer monitoring to more quickly detect any DNS disruptions
  • We’re evaluating alternative hosts for our Encryption Grid services
    We apologize for the service disruption and please write our customer support team with any followup questions or concerns. Thanks for using FolderGrid!