Announcing Unlimited File Size Support : upload any file of any size!

No More Size Limitations

We’re excited to announce the removal of all file size limitations within FolderGrid. You can now upload any size file to FolderGrid with no limit on the number of bytes stored.

A number of our customers want to store very large files – scientific or medical data, high resolution video content, backup files, and so forth. Unfortunately most cloud-based file servers enforce an arbitrary file size limit. We’re proud to be able to remove this restriction at our customers’ request.

Curious how we support unlimited?

Underneath the covers FolderGrid leverages the amazing infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) including use of Amazon S3 for redundant storage. The core FolderGrid service adds layers of security and usability atop AWS including an abstraction of the S3 “Object” concept. S3 does enforce a maximum object size of 5 terabytes - which ought to be more than enough for the overwhelming majority of users - but FolderGrid files maintain a one to many relationship with S3 Objects allowing us to support still larger individual files with no theoretical size restriction.