FolderGrid Updates

software-updateWe’re pleased to announce the release of several significant updates to our service:

  • Support for domain-level “hide unreadable folders” - a new feature enabling domain administrators to choose to hide the existence of folders from users who do not have the ability to read them. If this option is enabled (through Domain Settings or the API) then users who open a folder will only see subfolders within it for which they have READ permission or higher. A common use-case for this feature is where a domain administrator wishes to create a “Clients” folder with a sub-folder for each client but does not wish for client users to be able to see the full listing of other clients’ folders.
  • Updated drivers for WinMount in our latest major release. This release includes many performance enhancements, bug fixes, and better general support for Windows 8.1. We encourage all users to update immediately.
  • A minor update to FolderSync for better performance with large initial synchronization jobs. This release also includes better handling of empty files created locally.
  • A major update to our command-line Uploader utility with better support for multiple parallel file uploads for improved performance.
    We welcome your feedback on these updates and as always - thanks for using FolderGrid!