FolderGrid Updates

software-updateWe’re pleased to announce the release of several significant updates to our service:

  • Support for domain-level “hide unreadable folders” - a new feature enabling domain administrators to choose to hide the existence of folders from users who do not have the ability to read them. If this option is enabled (through Domain Settings or the API) then users who open a folder will only see subfolders within it for which they have READ permission or higher. A common use-case for this feature is where a domain administrator wishes to create a “Clients” folder with a sub-folder for each client but does not wish for client users to be able to see the full listing of other clients’ folders.
  • Updated drivers for WinMount in our latest major release. This release includes many performance enhancements, bug fixes, and better general support for Windows 8.1. We encourage all users to update immediately.
  • A minor update to FolderSync for better performance with large initial synchronization jobs. This release also includes better handling of empty files created locally.
  • A major update to our command-line Uploader utility with better support for multiple parallel file uploads for improved performance.
    We welcome your feedback on these updates and as always - thanks for using FolderGrid!

Announcing OAuth2 Support

oauth-2-smIn our efforts to support easy integration with other online platforms and service providers, we are pleased to announce the availability of OAuth2 support for all FolderGrid credentialed user accounts. Developers interested in providing HIPAA/PCI compliant file storage as a service to their end users are encouraged to review our API documentation here and to reach out to support with any followup queries.


Announcing our new Affiliate Program

DynoLead-LogoWe are excited to announce our recently activated Affiliate Referral Program which is powered by LeadDyno. By registering as an affiliate in our program, you can earn commissions for any new prospect you refer to us who ultimately converts into a FolderGrid subscriber. To get started - simply complete the new affiliate sign-up form here. LeadDyno will then provide you with access to a personalized dashboard where you can promote our service with custom links crediting your account for any leads. You can also use their affiliate portal to track your earned commissions and payments. We look forward to assisting you in efforts to promote our service with your peers & colleagues!


Edit Documents from your Browser : WebApp Update

software-updateWe’re excited to announce a new feature in our WebApp and FolderSync interfaces. With our latest versions (available now), you can edit documents directly from your browser and save any changes back to your secured domain seamlessly - without the need to download & then re-upload the document. Our WebApp is now integrated with the latest version of FolderSync to support opening files locally on your workstation using your preferred applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote etc…

Simply select the “Open Local” option on the WebApp file menu to use this convenient new feature!

The new FolderSync also includes an enhancement to our synchronization approach that more rapidly detects local changes independent of the sweeps used to detect remote changes by other users. Users will realize improved performance with this latest release - available now.


Billing : Under New Management

Recurly Logo We are pleased to announce a new integration with advanced recurring billing service provider Recurly. Previously, new FolderGrid customers were directed to link their accounts to an Amazon AWS account for billing which required an unwieldy activation process that created confusion during subscription signup.

Under our new payments processing system, customers can enter and maintain their billing information directly from our site. Our customer support staff will also enjoy much greater control over customer billing with an ability to better diagnose and resolve any billing inquiries.

The new Recurly integration also gives us the ability to better manage a demo period for new signups. Thus we are also happy to announce that all new customer accounts will enjoy a 7-day demo of FolderGrid free of charge.


FolderGrid WinMount Minor Update

Network DriveWe’re pleased to announce the release of a minor update to our FolderGrid WinMount interface. The new release includes:

  • Support for file locking. If a domain is configured to enable user-specific file locking, then WinMount will mark locked files as read-only. WinMount will also proactively lock files that have been locally modified.
  • Support for multiple mapped drives. Using the new command line option “-m [mutex name]” multiple instances of WinMount can be run simultaneously in support of multiple mapped drives from one or more domains.
  • Support for disabling the auto-update upon execution function. Using the new command line flag “skip-version-check”, WinMount can be instructed to skip the “on-load” latest version check and thereby avoid prompts for installation of any updates.
    This new minor release update is available now but will not be automatically distributed. Current WinMount users will need to uninstall and then re-install with the latest download to take advantage of the listed enhancements.

New Feature Update : by Customer Request

FolderGrid Logo Image We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just delivered an oft requested feature which is now available through our API and WebApp - file locking. In environments where there exists a high-probability of users overwriting one another’s changes to a single document, Domain Administrators now have the option of enabling File Locks. With File Locking enabled, a user may prevent modification to a document while she is actively revising it. Please read our knowledgebase writeup on file locking for more details and as always feel free to open a support ticket with us for any queries.

Also please note that our next release of FolderGrid WinMount will enforce file locking locally for Domains where the feature is enabled.

Thanks for using FolderGrid!


US-CERT warning regarding Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team has issued a warning for all users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer:

“We are currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem,” the Department of Homeland Security’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team said in a post Monday morning. It recommended that users and administrators “consider employing an alternative web browser until an official update is available.”


FBI Warns Healthcare Sector Is Especially Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Reuters is reporting on an FBI warning that describes healthcare providers’ relatively lax cybersecurity systems as “making them vulnerable to attacks by hackers searching for Americans’ personal medical records and health insurance data.”

FolderGrid leverages best of breed security to protect your most sensitive data. Signup Now.


FolderSync, FTPS & Web App Updates


We are pleased to report that we have released several updates this week:

  • Our FTPS interface was updated to provider faster downloads of large files through support of chunked decryption and streaming. This change is in place now for all users.
  • Our Web App interface was updated to provide support for bulk assignment of a Home Folder to multiple users. Administrators can now assign many users’ the same home folder with a single operation.
  • Our FolderSync client was updated to better support folder deletes when multiple users are syncing the same folder tree. Previous FolderSync versions took a conservative approach to local deletes which would sometimes resort in undesired file retention across two or more local workstations. This update resolves that issue and is available now. We recommend that all FolderSync users update to the latest release as soon as possible.